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Map To The Stars
ANATEMA - Santiago Echeverry, 2017 Title: MAP TO THE STARS (You Give Me Love Santiago Mix)
Production Date: 8/8/2017
Type: Experimental Video Art, Kinect Video, 3D Music Video
Duration: 3'20"

Performer: Angel Ito
Music composed, produced and performed by Angel Ito - The Thin Lines, London, UK
Kinect, Editing, Code, Director: Santiago Echeverry

(You Give Me Love Santiago Mix)
3'20", 1080P, 30fps, 2017
Map to the Stars is the result of a collaboration between two latino artists, Echeverry and Ito, participating in the same art show in London, UK. The roots of our cultures inspired not only the performance but also the way the video was shot in 3D at the Strand Gallery. Our identity and tradition are part of the way we dance, dress and see the world. The choreography represents the ambiguity of Angel Ito's Puerto Rican roots and his current life in a large cosmopolitan city, far away from the Caribbean.

The still frames that compose the video are captured with the Kinect sensor using Processing 3.0, then compiled in After Effects, for a final edition in Premiere, in order to control the speed and the layering. There are no post-production filters to generate the visuals, just luma keying and traditional editing techniques.


Las imágenes que componen el video son capturadas por el sensor Kinect usando el programa Processing 3.0, son luego compiladas en After Effects, para ser editadas finalmente en Premiere, para controlar la velocidad y las capas. No se usaron efectos ni filtros de post-producción para general los elementos visuales, solo keys de luminancia y métodos de montaje tradicionales.

MAP TO THE STARS (You Give Me Love Santiago Mix) - VIDEO FRAMES Santiago Echeverry  ©2017

Santiago Echeverry  ©2017

Santiago Echeverry  ©2017

Santiago Echeverry  ©2017